Remote Controlled Weapon Station

H/PJ17 Single 30mm Naval Gun

The H / PJ-17 single-barrel 30 mm naval gun (code name: HPJ17-1-30) is a manual automatic integrated shipboard remote control weapon and short-range defense weapon system with a single-barrel 30 mm caliber.

The H/PJ-17 is a light close-range weapon with low cost and medium to low threat at sea, mainly used for tasks such as surface patrol and escort, close contact, and self-defense at anchor. In addition to being used to strike small surface targets at close range, it also has limited air defense capabilities. The gun uses a new LLP12A fire control system with radar and photoelectric channels. Equipped with automatic photoelectric guidance station, it can be used as the main gun to install on small ships and features good adaptability, which is a new weapon for the navy to deal with small targets at sea.

H / PJ-14 is very similar to H / PJ-17, and the difference is that the former is manual operation, while the latter is equipped with a new model of LLP12A fire control system with radar, photoelectric channel and automatic photoelectric guidance station. The bullet box is hanging on the left side of the weapon station. It has two operating modes, which are used as a close range defense weapon system during automatic operation and as a traditional carrier based machine gun like H/PJ-14 during manual operation.

There is a manual operation seat on the right side of the H/PJ-17-gun position, which has a control console for power operated guns, with a joystick to control high and low pitch, and a pedal to control firing. Above the manual operation seat is the sighting device eyepiece, which can be selected to use a rotating and pitching photoelectric cabin on the left side of the gun body or a direct sighting device for observation and aiming.

H / PJ-17 not only has a higher degree of automation, but also obviously adopts a stable design and is equipped with a flame suppressor at the muzzle. With good adaptability, it can also be installed on small ships as a main gun.

The H/PJ-17 can be installed on multiple warships, including the 056A missile frigate, the 072B large tank landing ship, and the 718-engineering ocean oil and water dry cargo supply ship.

Basic Specifications
Weight:1,500 Kg
Number of operators: 1 person (manual operation)
Ammunition: 30 × 165mm
Caliber: 30 mm ( 1.18 inches )
Gun barrel: 1, covered by a perforated heat shield, and the muzzle is equipped with a flame suppressor
Launch mode: Automatic
Firing speed: 320 ~ 350 rounds / min
Effective range: Anti-ship missile interception distance: 3,000 m
Maximum range: 8,000 m
Bullet feeding mode: 100 rounds of ammunition box
Sight: LLP12A fire control system
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