FG-89 Solid Rocket Motor

Product Overview of FG-89 Solid Rocket Motor
FG-89  solid rocket motor is a new solid rocket motor independently developed by Beijing Institute of Power Machinery. The engine can provide large thrust for a short time in the booster stage and small thrust for a long time in the cruise stage, and achieve 20:1 large thrust ratio and 40s long working time and other indicators. It adopts low characteristic signal charge, which can meet the needs of multiple platforms. At present, it has participated in many unmanned boat, helicopter. UAV flight tests, and achieved full success.

Key Performance Indicators of FG-89 Solid Rocket Motor
Code Name: FG-89
Diameter: 140mm
Length: 730mm
Weight: ≤17.5kg
Boost Phase Total Impulse:≥9.5KN·s
Booster, Burn Time:≤3s
Cruise Section Total Impulse: ≥9.5KN ·S
Cruise Stage Average Thrust: 30ON±30N
0perating Temperature: -55°℃~+70℃
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