CTF-3 Turbofan Engine (650 kgf)

CTF-3 turbofan engine is independently developed by Beijing Power Machinery Institute, China. CTF-3 is a two-spools turbofan engine with a thrust level of 650 kgf. It was designed for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with high-altitude, long-endurance. The engine has outstanding characteristics of high performance and compact structure, and it has adopted advanced electrical, control system and safety-health management system. With its superior performance, CTF-3 can satisfy various power requirements of small unmanned aerial vehicles with high ceiling and large range. The engine performance has achieved the domestic leading level.

CTF-3 turbofan engine performance Parameter
Max.Length: 1050mm
Max.OD: 430mm
Net weight: 110kg
Max.Thrus: ≮650kgf
Nominal Fuel Consumption:  ≯0.58kg/kgf/h
Height Range: 0~15km
Mach Number: 0~0.85
Engine life: 500h

Technical characteristics of CTF-3 turbofan engine

The overall structure scheme of CTF-3 turbofan engine:
· Single-stage fan + single stage of low pressure turbine,
· Shaft/oblique flow compressor + single stage high pressure turbine,
· Built-in switched reluctance generator,
· Implement of the DC electric (270 V) fuel-lubricating oil pump,
· Simple and compact structure , small envelope size,
· High efficiency fan design,
· Large expansion channel integration of turbines design,
· Built-in switched reluctance generator, implement of fuel and oil electric pump with compact structure

The CTF - 3 turbofan engine test:
During the R&D period, a large number of tests have been conducted on the CTF-3 turbofan engine, including individual components and overall test. The scientific design scheme has been well proved.

The component tests for CTF - 3 turbofan engine:
· Compressor performance test;
· Bearing tests;
· Intermediate casing static test;
· Rotor dynamic characteristic test;
· Digital electric pump component test;
· Drag the generators turn and capacity test.

The overall test for CTF - 3 turbofan engine:
· The static performance test;
· Engine ground even tube performance test;
· 15 km altitude performance engine test;
· Engine distortion diagnostic test;
· 60h durable test;
· Engine left border a baseline test.

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