HS-Z2X UAV Rotor Engine

UAV Rotor Engine
Z2x UAV rotor engine is an air-cooled, single rotating piston aeroengine, which has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight, small vibration, high power rise and low specific fuel consumption.

Technical indicators
Engine type: air cooled single rotor engine
Total displacement: 210ml
Output power: 36ps / 7800rpm
Maximum overspeed speed: 11000r / min
Net mass: 11.5 kg
Fuel consumption rate: 280g / ps.h
Cooling mode: air cooling
Ignition mode: magneto ignition
Carburetor: balanced diaphragm carburetor
Fuel: 97 gasoline
Propeller rotation direction: counterclockwise (viewed from the propeller end)
Starting mode: external motor starting
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