Fixed Wing Drones

HF-4 medium and small fixed wing UAV

   The HF-4 UAV is one of the medium and small fixed-wing series developed by Beihang UAS Technology Company. Adopting the layout and scale shape of the BZK005, which conducted patrol surrounding the Diaoyu Islands during 2013 and made first debut at the National Military Parade in 2015, the UAV has excellent aerodynamic performance and long endurance .The mode of take-off and landing is flexible and interchangeable, and it can be loaded with various loads. It can be widely used in land border inspection, marine area monitoring, forest grassland fire prevention etc.

 1. Bi-tail-boom layout

  Capable  of maximizing the wing lift characteristics, improve the maximum available lift coefficient, ensure the success rate of ejection takeoff

2. Wingtip winglet design
The eddy-current image of the wing tip is alleviated, and the climbing ability is improved significantly.
Reduce wake disturbance, reduce the risk of loss of control during take-off, landing and cruise;
Reduce flight resistance, reduce fuel consumption, improve endurance and reduce operating costs.
3. Heavy oil/gasoline engines
More power and flexibility, improve flight performance
4. Takeoff mode
Ejection takeoff, suitable for islands, mountains; Such as the use of the condition of taking off without sliding;
Autonomous wheel taxi take - off.
5. Navigation and flight control subsystem
Flight control, flight management, remote control flight and mission management.
6. Suspension line/block net/automatic sliding
In combination with the flight requirements of islands, mountains and other areas, the padlock/arresting net recovery system is adopted to reduce the requirements on the ground for uav recovery
7. Highly reliable landing gear
Ensure the safety of load and improve the efficiency and safety of vertical lift system.

8. Ground control station subsystem
Rapid and flexible ground arrangement, effective use of air reconnaissance resources, ground equipment is divided into three types of ground control station, data link, intelligence receiving station.
9. The GPS/GLONASS/beidou
The navigation and flight control subsystem also has the function of self-inspection, and can carry out the pre-flight detection and maintenance detection of other airborne equipment, provide fault information, and locate the fault to the field replaceable unit
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