Inertial Navigation System

BDS-B3 Frequency Anti-jamming Satellite Navigation Receiver DFTX-AR04

DFTX-AR04 anti-jamming satellite navigation receiver is an accessory product for military satellite navigation and positioning devices, which can provide BD B3, GPS, BD B1 satellite navigation radio frequency signals, and provide anti-jamming processed BD B3 satellite navigation radio frequency signals.

4-channel BD2 B3 frequency anti-jamming + BD2 B1 frequency + GPS L1 frequency
With power-on self-test function;
It has the ability to resist continuous wave, sweep frequency, broadband noise, pulse and other suppression interference;
With anti-jamming/non-anti-jamming switching function;
With online software upgrade function;
With antenna array element detection function.

Suitable for carrier applications such as aerospace, special vehicles, ships, etc.;
Suitable for satellite navigation applications in harsh electromagnetic environments.

Working frequency BD B3 1268±10MHz
BD B1 1561±2MHz
GPS L1 1575±1MHz
Anti-interference performance Narrowband anti-interference interference-to-signal ratio ≥90dBc
B3 wideband anti-interference interference-to-signal ratio 1 Interference ≥ 85dBc, 3 Interference ≥ 75dBc
Input Output Satellite signal combined output power 70dBm±5dBm
Digital signal interface 422/232
Dynamic performance Speed ≥3600m/s
Acceleration ≥20g
jerk ≥10g/s
Connector satellite signal SMA
Digital signal J30J-15
Environmental experimental Operating temperature -55℃~+70
Storage temperature -55℃~+85
Dimensions 125mm×125mm×30mm
Weight 600g
Power consumption <15W, 5V

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