HS-700EA 2-stroke UAV Engine

2-stroke UAV Engine

2-stroke UAV Engine
Hs-700ea UAV Engine is a two-stroke four cylinder horizontal opposed gasoline engine, and the cooling mode is air cooling. The engine adopts electronic fuel injection system, reed valve intake, crankcase scavenging, double contactless CDI magneto ignition system and electric starting system.

Technical indicators
Engine type: two stroke, four cylinder horizontal opposed
Total displacement: 690cm
Fuel control: electronic fuel injection control
Compression ratio: theoretical compression ratio: 10.5
Output power: 38KW (52hp) / 6150rpm
Net mass: 30kg (including starter and ECU)
Fuel consumption rate: ≤ 0.59kg / (KWH)
Cooling mode: forced air cooling
Ignition mode: Double contactless CDI magneto ignition
Starting mode: self-contained motor starting
Exhaust system: straight through short exhaust pipe
Fuel pump: electronic fuel pump
Fuel: 92ron
Lubricating oil: mobil-2t
Propeller rotation direction: counterclockwise (viewed from the propeller end)
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